Great Wines Come From Great Grapes


The Redhead(s)

Two very distinctive Bordeaux style blends with a twist.

2019 Red Blend

Made from a blend of our Cabernet, Syrah and Merlot. This full-bodied blend has dark hues, rich tannins and a hint of fruitful sweetness that finishes with a strong mouth feel, which is aided by the addition of the Syrah. Drinkable year round and pairs well with light fare as well as meats and cheeses.

2020 Red Blend

Made in a similar fashion to its big sister the 2020 blend puts a fruitful spin on the Bordeaux style with the addition of added amounts of Syrah and Zinfandel. A zesty red blend with a huge fruit forward taste, big mouth feel but not overly stringent with tannins. Complex fruit flavors and black cherry, currant, a hint of spice and warm aromas make this blend a classic favorite.

Syrah - Destination

The Syrah that started it all… The cornerstone block that the entire vineyard was laid out on. The sassy lady has a bold full body flavor, with hints of blueberry, black plums, tobacco and finishes with a hint of peppercorn. This dark ruby red wine is semi dry with earthy herbaceous aromas. Pairs well with darker meats and exotic spices. Think Lamb Shawarma, Gyros, Asian 5 spice pork or Indian tandoori meats and spicy BBQ.

Merlot - Elevate 2350

This first class wine takes its name from the highest elevation of the vineyard. They say its lonely at the top but this wine has tons of fans who enjoy its medium to full body taste, with hints of raspberry, plum, black cherry, vanilla, and cloves. This Merlot has medium tannins from 12-14 months on single season French oak and is easy on the pallet. Pairs well poultry and light meals as well as roasted vegetables and lean meats. This is a Merlot worth talking about.

Cabernet Sauvignon - Last Light

Is a full bodied red from small black berries that pack a fruit flavored punch. Last Light gets its name from the sun pattern movement over the vineyard. As the sun eclipses the trees and mountain range to the west, the Cab sees the last light of day which influences its dark fruit flavors with hints of bell pepper, light cherry licorice with a dash of vanilla and tobacco. This Cab's unique flavors pairs well with foods high in fat and Unami flavors, like a charred Gruyere burger, mushroom pizza or marinated rib eye steak.

Whites and Rosé

Chardonnay - White Laurel

Is named for the laurel that grows along the creek banks and into the hills surrounding the vineyard. Like its name this Chardonnay is light, airy and un-oaked. The absence of oak tannins leaves this wine lean with hints of apple, pear, and citrus with a light mineral finish. Aromas, such as Apple Blossom, lemon zest, honeysuckle and vanilla bean makes this wine a summer favorite. Served cold at 48 degrees, this wine pairs well with soft chesses, white meats such as chicken and pork as well as light oily flaky fish like Halibut, Trout, Cod or Sturgeon.

Sauvignon Blanc - The Summit

Named for the highest peak of the Nantahala national forest that surrounds Shooting Creek Vines. With high peaks of acidity this dry white wine is exactly what you expect from a Sauvignon Blanc. Its aromas are in your face, with hints of fresh cut grass, peas, asparagus and ripe passion fruit. Also un oaked this white wine is all fruit, zesty and dry. Pairs well with light meats, fish and soft flavorful chesses and vegetables such as cucumber dill salad or fried zucchini.

Traminette - Truly Madly Traminette

This wine is wildly flavorful and aromatic. This wine stirs the senses and awakens your pallet with spicy aromas of apple, apricot, lychee and honeysuckle. This unique white wine hits big with flavor and finishes semi-dry and is un-oaked with no tannic aftertaste. Pairs well with heavier fish and meats with spicy or sweet and sour sauces. Think Pacific Rim foods or Mexican.

Rosé - Lost English Rosé

Is a hat tip to our predecessor. While his name is unknown the story stuck, and fast forward 170 years here we are. This Rosé wine is based on our Zinfandel picked early for higher acidity and mixed with other fruit to give it a lightly sweet mouth feel. This Rosé gets is wild color from Cabernet which lends to a darker Italian style Rosato, offering up a fresh berry aroma with hints of cherry and orange zest and melon with a crunchy finish of celery or rhubarb. Another summer favorite served very cold.